Merlin CD4 Tie Dye Trident

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Product Information

IDBF 202a Spec approved.  Merlin Paddles are designed in Australia.

The CD4 Series is the next generation in the Merlin Paddle series.  It is lighter, sharper and smarter than a lot of other IDBF spec paddles on the market today.

Lighter – Aerospace technology.  The aerospace, thermoplastic core and flat woven carbon make this paddle lighter and tougher.  

Sharper – Blade Tip.  The CD4 series has the sharpest bottom edge that is allowed by IDBF, which means you get a paddle with a whisper clean entry and exit.

Smarter – A change to the IDBF 202a spec in 2009 has allowed us to build in concavity in the blade.  This means the blade holds the water, giving you more resistance and more power to help move the boat forward.  The CD4 series has an extended shaft that is 35mm longer, giving more power to the tip of the blade. It has also enabled us to engineer the tip point with greater precision.

Handle – The CD4 paddle can be fitted with a Tee Bar or Palm Grip handle.

Delivery – Merlin deliver to most Countries around the globe including, China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, U.K, Europe plus more. As we are Australian based, delivery charges will apply.  Shipping is calculated at checkout.