Merlin Paddles' Warranty

All our paddles come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, so that if your paddle becomes damaged or broken as a result of a manufacturing fault we will replace it. However, if your paddle gets damaged because of an accident or wear and tear such as clashing with other paddles or hitting the side of the boat, then it's not a valid warranty claim. This is unfortunately what happens in dragon boating, but most often this kind of damage is purely cosmetic, such as a scratch or chip in the paint and won't affect the performance or use of your paddle at all. Below are some photos of damaged paddles to give you a guide as to what is or isn't a valid warranty claim. Double click on a photo to see a larger picture. For guidance on making a claim please see 'How do I make a warranty claim?' below.


Damage most likely caused by hitting the side of the boat or a hard concrete surface off the water. We often see people resting their paddles on concrete or similar hard surfaces, sometimes even dragging them. This is really not a good thing to do, and will lead to this kind of damage. Tip - Protect your paddle, rest the base of the blade on your foot when you're waiting in the marshalling area or lay it somewhere out of the way between races. Using a paddle bag will also help to protect your paddle and so prolong its life.

The damage was most likely caused by hitting the side of the boat or knocking the paddle on a hard concrete surface. However, in this instance the paint has totally come away revealing the fibre underneath. This paddle is still good to use though, as the core is sealed before painting and so the paddle itself should be sound. 
Impact damage, caused by hitting the side of the boat. This isn't a good thing to be doing, not only because it will damage your paddle, but also because it means that power from your stroke is being directed at the boat, instead of helping to make the boat move forward. Tip - If you find you're often hitting the side of the boat seek advise from your coach.

In this instance there would appear to have been some contamination during the painting process. As a result the paint has peeled away. Other valid claims include - If your grip comes off or loose If you have a soft bubble in the blade that can be easily pressed Tip - If you're unsure if you have a warranty claim please contact the distributor from who you bought your paddle before you contact us.