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Merlin Double Paddle Bag

Merlin Double Paddle Bag

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Always protect your paddle from direct sunlight when it is not in use.
A paddle bag provides the best overall protection from ultraviolet light.

Double bags are built to take 2 paddles.  Great for travelling on planes if you are having to check into oversize luggage and can share the check in cost with another person.  2 paddles in one bag.

Double bags fit all sizes of paddle from 44" to 51"

Merlin Paddles deliver to most countries around the globe including, China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, U.K, Europe plus more. As we are Australian based, delivery charges will apply. Free delivery is available throughout Australia.
All our paddles come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, so that if your paddle becomes damaged or broken as a result of a manufacturing fault we will replace it. However, if your paddle gets damaged because of an accident or wear and tear such as clashing with other paddles or hitting the side of the boat, then it's not a valid warranty claim. This is unfortunately what happens in dragon boating, but most often this kind of damage is purely cosmetic, such as a scratch or chip in the paint and won't affect the performance or use of your paddle at all. Below are some photos of damaged paddles to give you a guide as to what is or isn't a valid warranty claim.