SD3 'Travel Paddle'

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Product Information

Exclusive to Merlin Paddles.

IDBF 202a Spec approved.  Merlin Paddles are designed in Australia.

The SD3 Travel Paddle is a fixed length paddle that disassembles into two pieces, it is not an adjustable paddle. The Travel paddle is designed to fit into your booked luggage (not carry on luggage) so you can take your paddle on a plane without incurring extra luggage costs or a visit to the oversized luggage counter.

To assemble simply insert into each other and lock with the 'no tool needed' PVC clamp.

Handle – The SD3 paddle can be fitted with a Tee Bar or Palm Grip handle.

Length – longest of the two pieces is 740mm.

Weight – approx. 600g

Cost – The SD3 Travel Paddle is from $299.00 Australian Dollars.

Delivery – Merlin deliver to most Countries around the globe including, China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, U.K, Europe plus more. As we are Australian based, delivery charges will apply.   Shipping is calculated at checkout.