Excalibur Paddle

The Excalibur II is a highly modified CD2 that is the ultimate coaching tool.

The Excalibur ll has a number of improvements over the Excalibur l, including: new detachable logger unit; flat panel control switch; internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery; improved USB connectivity and improved download speeds. In addition, improved manufacturing techniques allow us to offer the Excalibur ll at a lower price than the original Excalibur.

Fitted with strain and positional sensors, Excalibur ll enables the paddler to record almost every aspect of their stroke. The data is recorded to an on-board memory that can hold about 90minutes of data at the recommended settings and about 30minutes at hi resolution. The data can then be downloaded to a computer. Analysis of the data is done using the proprietary Talon Labs software, which lets you examine and adjust the settings within the paddle.

The software allows you to view your files in a graphic format or in a statistical analysis format. This will enable you to compare the actual scores for things like maximum power, impulse power, average work effort and best timing.

Excalibur ll is a great tool for team selections as it replaces subjective judgments and makes the process fair and transparent.

Excalibur ll is available through our network of international distributors. The Excalibur ll is perfect for smaller clubs to assess and check on training progress throughout the season and to help with team selections and preparation for a major competition. The Excalibur ll is also available in a Kayak Paddle.

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